Why Choose Our Watch Fixers When You Need a Watch Repair Service in Perth?

Your watch is more than just an accessory that tells you the time. It’s an extension of your personality, a reflection of your success and something you might even wish to pass on to a family member. All About Time is WA’s authorised warranty service centre for the Swatch Group, but we can repair almost any watch regardless of brand. Contact us if you notice any of the signs below.

Call Our Watch Fixers in Perth If You Notice These Problems

You undoubtedly want to extend the lifespan of your priceless wristwatch for as long as possible, making it vital to stay on top of maintenance. If you notice any of these symptoms, notify our fixers without delay:

  • Your watch has stopped working
    The most apparent sign your watch needs servicing or repairing is that it has stopped working entirely. The second hand doesn’t move, the time is inaccurate, and your wristwatch is now useless. Quartz movements are complicated, featuring hundreds of tiny components working in tandem. We recommend bringing your watch for a service in Perth every one to three years to keep it in full working order and extend its lifespan.
  • The second hand moves in intervals of five seconds
    Specific models of watches will signal the battery is losing power by making the second hand skip in five-second intervals. If you have noticed this symptom, you should bring your wristwatch to our watch repair service in Perth right away rather than let your timepiece run with a faulty battery. Ignoring the warning could cause extensive damage to your watch’s internal movements.
  • There’s moisture underneath the face
    If you see any moisture whatsoever underneath the glass covering the watch’s face, you need to bring it for inspection immediately to prevent extensive damage. Some wristwatches may contain components that can rust if the moisture persists. This sign may indicate that you need to replace the seals in your watch.
  • You’re having difficulty adjusting the date or time
    Your watch’s crown connects to a stem which controls its movement. If the crown becomes loose, stiff or near-impossible to use to alter the date or time, you may need to replace some components, which our fixers can do using OEM parts, ordered directly from Switzerland. If the crown has fully detached, the stem inside your watch may have snapped, and repairing such a component requires the touch of a professional fixer.
  • Your wristwatch fails to keep the correct time
    Quartz watches are famous for keeping time almost perfectly, though you can expect them to lose a couple of seconds every few years. In a vintage model, losing a couple of minutes per day is relatively common. However, if your watch is falling behind or racing ahead significantly, it’s time to bring it for a service.

Contact Our Watch Fixers in Perth Today

At All About Time, we can repair any luxury Swiss watch to a near-new condition, saving you from having to spend thousands on a replacement. We’re the only service centre in Western Australia that’s authorised to perform warranty repairs for the Swatch group, which includes brands such as Omega, Rado, Tissot and Mido. We also order OEM parts from wholesalers to repair watches made by Dior, Gucci, Tag and more. Call us today if you think your watch needs repairing or servicing.

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