Dedicated TAG Watch Fixers in Perth Provide Service Including Repairs and Battery Replacement

When your watch is missing from your wrist, you can often feel lost. This accessory not only provides you with the time but is part of your style and personality. If it is damaged, you need a trusted leader in the industry to ensure correct service.

The All About Time team is trained in all the facets of watch replacement parts and repairs. We carry a large variety of spare parts to get your timepiece back up and running in no time.

Our Commitment to You Regarding TAG Watch Service in Perth

Our primary goal as TAG watch fixers in Perth is to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your watch is in trusted hands. Your TAG watch repairs are performed in our store and you never have to worry about your watch being sent interstate or overseas. Do you have questions or concerns about our repair process? Don’t hesitate to ask to speak directly to the repairer working on your timepiece.

We are so confident in our TAG watch service in Perth that we offer a guarantee on our partial and complete service work. Our guarantee is valid for one year. Keep in mind that this warranty does not cover accidental damage or additional harm caused by an outside party.

A promise that we make to all our customers is a dedication to fast and efficient service. We fix all watches in-house, so there is never a delay in sending the piece back and forth between a retailer and a repairer. If you are interested in pricing, just let us know, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote. The only time we associate a fee with our quotes is when you require a specifically written quote for insurance reasons.

Important Details About TAG Watch Repairs

One of the best ways to keep your watch in good working order is to avoid any contact between your wristwatch and water. It’s especially important to remember to remove the piece before you take a shower or have any contact with soap as the residue could cause it to age prematurely.

When to consider TAG watch battery replacement is another concern among owners. We recommend that you replace the battery every two years regardless of whether it is still working. If you wait until the battery dies, you run the risk of battery leakage which can cause severe damage to the piece.

Come In and See Us

All About Time is open six days a week with operating hours beginning at 7:30 am except Saturday. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we obligate ourselves to return your TAG watch to you as good as new. Keep in mind that our skillset also includes repairs to other brand name watches and clocks so feel free to call us to troubleshoot any issues.

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