Trust All About Time as Your Swiss Watch Fixers in Perth Including Repairs, Battery Replacement and Other Service

Watches serve several purposes over and above letting the owner know the time. They represent your own unique style and can be a status symbol. Swiss watches are easily one of the most highly regarded brands in the world. When a problem occurs, it takes a calm and steady hand to mend it.

The professionals at All About Time are trained in Swiss watch repairs in Perth. We offer friendly and efficient service with reliable advice on how to safeguard your watch from various types of damage.

Tips to Keep in Mind if You Need Swiss Watch Service in Perth

One of the common questions that we get from our clients is if an appointment is required to see one of our Swiss watch fixers in Perth. We try to make the process of repairs or Swiss watch battery replacement as stress free as possible for you, so we never require an appointment. We are open six days a week as early as 7:30 am. If you have a busy schedule, feel free to give us a call before coming to our store to ensure a member of our team can help you around your time frame.

To keep your watch in proper working order, we always suggest that you service it regularly. It’s important to remember that different watch brands have different service intervals. Another determining factor is how well the watch has been cared for by its owner. As a standard rule, most watches will need mechanical service every four to five years.

The battery plays a critical role in keeping your watch working. If the battery dies, your timepiece is rendered useless. We suggest that you change your battery every two years, regardless of whether it is still functioning to avoid being without your watch when you need it.

Although there are many watches on the market today that are waterproof, one of the most significant issues that watch owners run into is water damage. Try to remember to take your watch off before you take a shower or bath. Also, make sure to remove your watch before you go swimming. Even if your watch is designated as waterproof, constant exposure to other factors such as soap residue could prematurely age it and cause it to malfunction.

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With two decades of experience in servicing clocks and watches, All About Time is an authority in the industry. We are proud to be Western Australia’s premier Swiss Watch service centre and treat each wristwatch with a special touch. You can rest assured that is your Swiss watch needs service in Perth; it will be in good hands with us.

For more information about our options for Swiss watch repairs in Perth, please click over to our contact page to send us a message about how we can help. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

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