Rado is an Innovative watchmaker with a strong focus on design and aesthetics with the use of materials that are unique within the watch industry. Ceramic, sapphire and tungsten carbide are all materials that are, or have been employed by Rado to achieve its point of difference

It is the use of these materials that enable a Rado to maintain its original appearance for many years after it was originally purchased

With this in mind it is imperative that only a skilled technician, with an understanding of these materials handles your Rado when it comes time to have any adjustments or maintenance performed

Bracelet adjustment

A Rado bracelet is like no other. Unique construction methods and hardened materials can make for a challenging link removal process. Trust All About Time to perform this task efficiently and professionally

Battery fitting and water resistance

We have a range of services that will suit your needs. If you wear your Rado in water it is recommended to have the seals changed and the water resistance checked with every battery change

Complete service

If you are having some reliability issues with your Rado you may need to have a Complete service done to return the movement to its optimal performance. This is recommended approximately every 4-5 years on a mechanical movement

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