How often should I service my Omega?

There is no single frequency at which an Omega should be serviced due to the variables involved. The service intervals are entirely determined by the model and the owners care and treatment of the watch. Generally, it is recommended to get a complete service done on your mechanical Omega every 4-5 years. All About Time has the qualified technicians, the brand specific tools and the know-how needed to repair or maintain your Omega to the highest possible standard

How often should I change my battery?

All About Time recommends batteries be changed every 2 years regardless of whether the watch is working. This is what we consider to be a good habit, the opposite can be said of the habit of leaving a battery in a watch until it goes completely flat. Occasionally batteries can leak, the best way to eliminate this as a potential problem is to replace the battery every 2 years

Do I need to get my watch pressure tested?

The short answer to this question is Yes. From the time they are fitted, seals and gaskets are constantly deteriorating. The older a seal is, the less likely it is to prevent water from entering your timepiece and damaging the movement as well as the appearance of the dial and hands. All About Time has a comprehensive range of original Omega seals in stock. In most cases we can change all the seals and pressure test your watch then have it back on your wrist within 48 hours, this includes a complimentary clean of the case and bracelet

Where can I get my Omega repaired under warranty?

Your Omega should always be maintained by an authorised Omega repairer. Whether it is for a battery, bracelet adjustment or problems with the timekeeping, did you buy your watch overseas? All About Time is the only authorised repairer for Omega in Western Australia. We can take care of your watch right here in Balcatta without you having to send it away. Just bring your watch as well as your warranty card and be comforted by the fact that your watch will be maintained properly while at the same time preserving your warranty terms and conditions.

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