The quartz movement is one that takes a battery or in some cases a rechargeable capacitor. The “quartz” is in reference to the small piece of quartz crystal that is found within the movements circuitry, this is what gives the quartz watch it’s incredible accuracy. A quartz watch can easily be distinguished by the action of the seconds hand, the seconds hand will “tick” one second at a time as opposed to a mechanical watch where the hand will sweep smoothly around the dial.

We recommend that customers change the battery in their quartz watch every two years regardless of whether the watch is working or not. This is to avoid any unfortunate battery leakage which can sometimes occur if a battery has been left in the watch for too long, in much the same way most of us would have seen a AA battery leak in our T.V. remote or something similar. Speak to us at this point also regarding any water resistance requirements you may have.

Other Services

  • Battery replacement

  • Resealing

  • Pressure testing

  • Glass replacement

  • Full service overhauls

  • Bracelet shortening

  • Polishing and regraining of case and bands

  • New bands and straps

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

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