Your automatic watch movement is a fine piece of machinery and like most pieces of machinery it requires lubrication in order to reduce friction and wear within the movement.

As your watch ages the lubrication will slowly dry out and this will have a direct effect on the movements ability to both keep time and to perform the task of automatic winding, which will in turn reduce the watches overall efficiency and power reserve.

As a general rule automatic watches will require a service every 3-5 years in order to maintain optimal performance, alternatively, the watch can be worn until it shows the symptoms of excess friction such as poor time keeping and low power reserve.

Other Services

  • Battery replacement

  • Resealing

  • Pressure testing

  • Glass replacement

  • Full service overhauls

  • Bracelet shortening

  • Polishing and regraining of case and bands

  • New bands and straps

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

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