Excellent Service on RADO Watch Repairs and Battery Replacement by Fixers in Perth

A watch is more than a way to keep time – it is a statement piece that expresses your distinctive personality and style. A quality watch that lasts a lifetime is an investment that requires proper maintenance by a qualified professional. All About Time is Western Australia’s premier Swiss watch service centre providing repairs promptly using only quality parts and batteries. Think of us as your RADO fixers in Perth.

RADO Watches are Works of Art and Technology

RADO watches are created using a high-tech ceramic process that produces a metallic finish that is scratch resistant and comfortable. The result is a lightweight timepiece that is both beautiful and hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. With such high quality materials and delicate details, it is best to find authorised RADO repairs in Perth to keep your timepiece running smoothly and accurately.

Routine Maintenance Recommended

Anything with moving parts requires lubrication to continue functioning efficiently. Even waterproof watches require regular maintenance to maintain functionality by replacing seals to ensure future adventures in the water don’t damage the delicate components inside. It is recommended that you have your watch serviced every three to five years to keep parts moving smoothly and maintain power. Watches that experience frequent submersion in water should be inspected more frequently to prevent rusting of interior components.

Repairs Performed on Premises

Taking your RADO timepiece to any watch repair service involves your watch being sent out of the country to a factory for repairs. That is time you don’t have with your wristwatch. We perform all repairs in house reducing the amount of time you are without your treasured piece. RADO watch battery replacements can be performed while you wait, saving you time and money by not having to pay for shipping to and from an authorised repair facility.

Complete RADO Service in Perth

Our founder, Arthur Panos, has over 40 years’ experience repairing quality timepieces and shares his experience with his technicians and apprentices offering them the opportunity to become masters in the business. His dedication to the art of watch repair shows in his workmanship and timely service and has earned him the distinction of being the only factory-backed authorised service centre for RADO and other fine quality watches.

For RADO repairs in Perth, we offer complete servicing of your timepiece using authentic replacement parts and batteries. We possess the delicate tools to perform repairs and replace batteries as well as remove links in the band for a snug fit. Our attention to detail and superior service will keep your timepiece in perfect condition for years of use.

Save time and money by allowing us to service your valued timepiece. Our well-equipped modern workshop maintains a supply of factory produced replacement parts and batteries to help you keep time fashionably. Contact us for more information regarding our watch repair services and feel confident that our service is the best.

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