Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to book an appointment to see you?

No, use the convenient parking at the front door and come in and see us anytime during our opening hours

Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes, all our partial service and complete service work is guaranteed for 12 months or more excluding accidental damage and customer misuse

How often should I get my watch serviced?

Service intervals on any watch are determined entirely by the how the watch is worn and how well it is looked after. As a general guide, mechanical watches will require a service every 4-5 years

Can I wear my watch in the shower?

As repairers, we see watches regularly with water damage so we don’t recommend that your wear your watch in the shower. Aside from the constant risk of water damage, watches that are worn in the shower on a regular basis tend to age prematurely due to the repeated exposure to the grime and soap residue

Can I use the pushers on my chronograph under water?

No, there are very few chronographs with pushers that are designed to be operated under water so unless you are 100% sure that yours is one of them it is best not to operate them under water or while the watch is wet

How often should I get my battery changed?

We recommend changing your battery every 2 years whether the watch is working or not. Leaving a battery in your watch until it expires completely risks the battery leaking which will in turn do unnecessary damage to the watch movement and in more extreme cases the dial or “watch face” as well

Why does the battery in my watch not last as long as it used to?

There are several variables that determine the life of a battery. Firstly, as a quartz movement ages it will slowly increase the amount of power it takes from the battery to compensate for the drying up of the lubrication. Secondly, the battery fitted needs to be fresh, thirdly it needs to be fitted cleanly and hygienically

Do you charge for quotes?

No, however if you require a special written quote for insurance purpose a fee is applicable

Can I have my bracelet adjusted while I wait?

Yes, we can perform bracelet adjustments on all types of bracelets while you wait

Do you sell watch straps?

Yes, we carry a large range of quality Hirsch straps in stock as well as rubber bands and Nato/canvas type straps

Can you polish the scratches off my watch?

Yes, provided the surface being polished is not gold plated we can refurbish most watches and watch bracelets back to their former glory

Do you service/repair clocks?

Yes, we can service your clocks as well

I have a Grandfather/ large wall clock, can you come to me?

Yes, we charge a call out fee which takes in to account the travel time plus an hourly rate if the clock is repaired on site

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