Service, Repairs and Bell and Ross Watch Battery Replacement in Perth

Bell & Ross watches were designed with four basic principles driving their design. These being legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. So much so, that their time devices are used in professions where these qualities are essential, such as astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb squads. To ensure your Bell & Ross watch maintains its full function, it is imperative that it be serviced by an authorised agent. All About Time is the only licensed service agent in Australia. With our brand-specific tools, we can disassemble, repair or service and reassemble your Bell & Ross according to the correct specifications, thereby maintaining your warranty and any repairs to the high standards set by Bell & Ross.

All About Time the Only Authorised Bell & Ross Watch Fixers in Australia

We have 40 years’ experience in the industry, and stock an extensive range of spares and seals which enable us to carry out a fully guaranteed pressure test on your Bell & Ross watch. From the moment manufacturing ends timepieces experience wear and tear and should thus be pressure tested regularly. Our large stock holding ensures we can service and repair your Bell & Ross wristwatch promptly and have it back on your arm in no time.

Does Your Bell & Ross Need a Service or Repair?

If you are looking for Bell & Ross service agents in Perth, come to All About Time. Bell & Ross recommends that you have your watch serviced every four years to maintain the proper functioning of the watch. We are equipped and trained to carry out the service procedure meticulously.

There are hundreds of assembled parts within a minimal space, which all need to be precisely tested and fine-tuned. This space shortage requires precision working, which the in-house technicians at All About Time attain using brand-specific tools. Our team of technicians have complementary skill sets and operate within a strict set of quality control parameters.

Good practice would be having your watch cleaned regularly. When the technician is cleaning your piece, he will notify you of any external wear and tear which needs addressing. Perhaps pins on the strap are missing, or the stitching on a leather strap has come undone.

Bell & Ross Watch Battery Replacement

We suggest that you replace your watch battery at least every two years to prevent any form of damage occurring to your watch.

Bell & Ross have been producing exceptional watches since 1992 with innovative styles and mechanical sophistication. Their wristwatches are known for functioning in extreme conditions. It then stands to reason that your Bell & Ross watch repairs should be undertaken by a service agent with an excellent reputation and track record. From the moment you hand in your timepiece to us, we strive to deliver exceptional workmanship and service, be it administrative or technical.

Contact our friendly staff at All About Time and allow us to offer you a pleasant surprise you with our level of service and professionalism. We aim to get it right the first time, every time.

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